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Debbie Eaton, TINKerbelle Skin LAsh & Brow, Hamilton, NZ
tINKerbelle Skin Lash & Brow, Hamilton, Studio

I'm Debbie, I am a qualified Beautician and  Eyebrow Tattooist.

I offer a diverse range of services including more advanced treatments such as Dermaplaning and Plasma Pen Skin Tightening.

I am a qualified Make Up Artist and love the opportunity to help a woman capture the essence of herself, enhancing her features with tastefully applied, elegant make up.

Prior to training as a Beautician I was a Dental Therapist for 24 years.  Hygiene is extremely important to me - I use dental grade cleaning products and an autoclave to keep you safe.

I believe my professional background gives me respect for individuals and understanding what is important to them, the ability to listen, very strict health and hygiene standards, attention to detail and a steady hand!

tINKerbelle Skin Lash & Brow, Hamilton, Studio
tINKerbelle Skin Lash & Brow, Hamilton, Studio
Debbie Eaton
tINKerbelle logo_ S_L_B.png

Doing things properly is very important to me.  tINKerbelle is a registered business which operates from a very cute little cottage just behind my home.  While it is a 'home based' business, you can be sure that all Health and Safety requirements are met to keep you safe.​

I have a keen interest in helping woman look and feel their best, especially the mature woman.  You will find that new treatments are added regularly to keep up with client requests and demand.  

I pride myself on spending time with my clients to answer questions and to explain the processes and aftercare involved in their treatment and allow them to take a leading role in decision making around any enhancements that can be made, especially during the Brow Tattoo and Fibroblast Skin Tightening processes. 

I understand that these treatments, while they may be desirable are also a really big step for most women undertaking them. 


I am very risk averse this is reflected in my policy  that I will never tattoo someone that is not 100% happy with the shape drawn and/or the colour of the pigment selected for their brows. 


I am delighted to be the first to offer Fibroblast Plasma Pen Skin Tightening in Hamilton.  In fact, one of the first in 

New Zealand!

I offer a free no obligation consultation for both brow tattoo and skin tightening.  

tINKerbelle Skin Lash & Brow, Hamilton, Studio
tINKerbelle Skin Lash & Brow, Hamilton, Studio
tINKerbelle Skin Lash & Brow, Hamilton, Studio
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tINKerbelle Skin Lash & Brow, Hamilton, Brow Shape & Tint

At tINKerbelle Skin, Lash & Brow the health and safety of both clients and staff is of utmost importance. We adhere to strict hygiene standards, equivalent to what you would find at your dental practice. We are happy to discuss our standards with you if you require more information.

In particular we place high importance on the following:

- Hygiene of equipment and studio.

- Equipment meets ISO standards.

- Pigments and dyes meet European Standards.

- Patch testing available.

- Fully trained and certified staff.

- Health and Safety systems are in place.

- Privacy Protection in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

- Education of clients around aftercare.

- Follow up after invasive procedures.

tINKerbelle Skin Lash & Brow, Hamilton, Studio