A fabulous way to 'get your glow on'.
Treat your skin to manual exfoliation which removes dead skin cells and that 'peach fuzz' leaving smooth, radiant skin.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a relaxing manual exfoliation treatment which removes the very top layer of dead skin rather that leaving it to slough off in its own time.  Due to the lack of moisture in this layer and our fine vellus hair(peach fuzz) skin can take on a dull sometimes grey appearance. Dead skin cells can also accentuate fine lines, wrinkles and scars. 

Regular removal encourages faster turnover of the skin cells, which helps improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scarring leaving behind fresher, younger, more hydrated skin with an all over more youthful glow.

An added bonus is that the fine downy, or vellus hair, covering the face is also removed.  I liken Dermaplaning to skinning a Red Onion, underneath the dehydrated outer layer is beautiful plump, hydrated flesh.  You can’t see the beauty of the inside under the dull outer layer until you expose it.

What happens during Dermaplaning?                      

A thorough medical history is taken and skin assessment completed during the initial consultation to make sure the person is a suitable candidate for Dermaplaning.  If suitable the skin is cleansed and prepared for the procedure.  A single use, sterile custom Dermaplaning blade is used to gently remove the very outer layer of dead skin, taking with it the vellus hair.  While this may sound painful I can assure you it isn’t.  On my blade I see what looks like dust!  This is followed by a very gentle fruit enzyme peel to pick up any remaining skin cells which have been loosened but left behind.  Moisture is then put back into the skin with a hydrating mask and application of a beautiful Serum and Post Procedure Balm both by Circadia, an exclusive American Salon only therapeutic Skin Care range.  The procedure may leave the skin a little pink for a few hours similar to waxing.  Make Up can be reapplied at the end of your appointment if desired.   The first appointment takes approximately an hour and subsequent appointments 45 minutes.  The new skin must be protected from the sun for the following 2 weeks by using a high SPF Sunscreen.

Who can benefit from Dermaplaning?

Anyone wanting skin that drinks up moisture from face creams and serums more readily, feels softer, fine lines and wrinkles are less obvious, skin looks plumper, brighter, rejuvenated and has no ‘peach fuzz’.    

What are the risks of Dermaplaning?

The biggest risk would be being ‘nicked’ by the blade.  Just as men can nick themselves shaving the same face even after 40 years of shaving, there is a very small risk I could nick the skin.  I make every effort not to nick the skin by taking my time and ensuring the skin is stretched taut in the area I am working at all times.

Is Dermaplaning safe for everyone?

No.  There are some skin or medical conditions that make a person totally unsuitable for Dermaplaning.     

They are: skin conditions involving the face such as Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema or any form of Dermatitis, Chemotherapy or Radiation within the previous 6 months, use Accutane or Isotretinon in the previous year, uncontrolled Diabetes and Haemophillia.                                                                                                                             

There are some conditions which require a stand down period.  These are: active Cold Sore(s), active pustular Acne, recent Chemical Peel, recent Laser treatment, recent Waxing or Electrolysis or Laser or Threading, recent use of Retin A or Vitamin A, Sunburn on the face.                                        


Will my facial hair grow back thicker and darker?

This is a very common concern.  The short answer is no.  The fine facial hair or Vellus hair is a totally different kind of hair to that on your eyebrows, upper lip or chin.

How often should I have Dermaplaning?

It really depends on what your intention is.  For antiaging benefits and skin rejuvenation anywhere between monthly and 2 monthly. 

For managing facial hair monthly or 6 weekly, and for a glowing, flawless makeup finish 3-5 days before the big event.

It can also be used a a one off treat for both you and your skin.

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Fabulous for cell renewal, leaving smoother, more radiant skin.

Dermaplane Facial 

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 fruit acid peel, mask, serum, moisturiser, aftercare.

45 minutes