Why are facials an important part of Skin Care?

Our skin is a living organ just as our heart, liver and kidneys are organs.  It is exposed to the environment and many types of injury. It is prone to dehydration and loses elasticity with maturity. 

Skins cells live for between 25 and 60 days depending on our age and health of our skin.  Regular facials ensure that our old skin cells are being sloughed off and that our new skin cells are receiving nutrients, increased oxygen supply and substances which help increase hydration. 

Increased oil flow is a problem experienced by many people resulting in congestion of the skin with black heads and pimples.  Regular facials can help the client cope with an oily or combination skin.  Likewise regular facials can help someone coping with dry or sensitive skin by delivering powerful nourishing ingredients directly to the skin.

Facials in clinic are just part of your skin care journey.  You need to be supporting your skin by using products suitable for your skin type and skin condition at home.  What you do at home is 70% of your skins health.  What I can do for you only makes up 30% of its health!

What products do you use?

Circadia by Dr Pugliese

I choose to use Circadia products by Dr Pugliese for my facials.  Circadia is an American company founded by Dr Pugliese almost 50 years ago. 

Circadia skin care is based on the skin and body's natural circadian rhythm.  The products defend the skin from damage during the day and stimulate repair while you sleep. This circadian rhythm concept is the foundation of the company.  Delivering science and nature in perfect rhythm.

Their formulations combine pure botanicals, stem cell technology, second generation vitamins as well as peptides to achieve optimal skin health.

They have a comprehensive range of both in-clinic and at home skin care products. 

What types of Facials do you offer?

My facial categories are fairly broad as I treat your skin rather than making you fit into a treatment description. 

I select the products that I use, creating a custom facial that will help address your particular concerns, be they congestion, dryness or sensitivity. 

You can expect a double cleanse, enzyme pore cleanse with steam (if steam is appropriate), massage (optional), mask, mist, moisturiser and sun protection (if appropriate).

Although facial and decolletage massage is an additional expense I highly recommend adding it to your facial as there are some significant health benefits for the skin such as stimulation of circulation and lymphatic drainage, stimulation of nerves and muscles as well as relaxation and that feel good factor of massage.

Circadia Oxygen Rx Facial also known as the Chocolate and Champagne Facial

It's no secret I am particularly fond of this facial for those suffering from Acne and Roseacea for the germicidal and anti-inflammatory benefits of Oxygen Rx.  The vasoconstriction properties make it a great treatment for those suffering from Telangiectasia and broken capillaries.

Oxygen is generated on the skin without creating excess free radicals.  This system does not use hydrogen peroxide or gas wands, instead the oxygen is created by enzyme activity. 


All skin types can benefit from an Oxygen Rx Facial, however, those with Roseacea, Acne, Telangiectasia and aging skin will benefit the most.  The ingredients in Oxygen Rx are germicidal, anti-inflammatory, redness reducing and firming. 


An Oxygen Rx Facial is extremely nourishing for the skin and relaxing for the client.  It is combined with an enzyme pore cleanse to increase the effectiveness of the Oxygen Rx products.

Safe to have weekly if trying to combat Acne or Roseacea, when combined with an enzyme pore cleanse 2 weekly is best.

Custom Facial

Circadia products chosen to treat your skin concerns.

Consultation, cleanse, enzyme detox, steam, mask, tone and moisturise. 

45 minutes


Custom Facial with 

deColletage and Facial Massage

Circadia products chosen to treat your skin concerns.

Consultation, cleanse, enzyme detox, steam, 15 minute massage, mask, tone and moisturise. 

1 hour


Circadia Oxygen Facial 

Oxygen delivered directly to the skin. Ideal for those suffering from acne and roseacea. 

Consultation, cleanse, enzyme detox, oxygen treatment, tone, moisturise.

1 hour



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