Foot Treatments

Foot treatment is more commonly known as a pedicure.  A pedicure can be as simple as trimming and filing the toe nails followed by painting or a very advanced treatment for the feet and lower leg to the knee.

Here at tINKerbelle I treat the whole foot and lower leg to the knee for the sole reason that our feet are supported by our legs, the do not stand alone and should be treated as a whole for maximum benefit.

Unfortunately we are often not aware just how debilitating foot problems can be until we suffer from them.

There are times when particular problems with a client's feet are beyond my level of training.  Sometimes the client is not even aware that the problem requires medical attention.  In this situation I can refer to to your GP or help you access a Podiatrist.

What happens during a Foot Treatment?      

A thorough consultation takes place to ensure the client has no medical conditions that could be negatively affected by a foot treatment.  The feet are then examined for contraindications and if none are present we continue.  

Feet are soaked to soften the toe nails and dead skin on the sole of the foot.  Toe nails are trimmed and filed, cuticles pushed back and trimmed if necessary, dead skin on the soles of the feet/heel removed.   We then move to exfoliation of the dead skin on the lower legs and feet, followed by massage of the lower legs and feet.  A hydrating, refreshing mask is then applied and left to infuse before removing.  Toe nails are painted with one of my paints or you may bring one of your own.  If you do not wish to have painted toe nails that is just fine too!           

Who can benefit from a Foot Treatment?

Anyone interested in maintaining foot health.  As we mature it can be very difficult to get down and reach the toe nails to trim them.  Somme medical conditions and of course the later stages of pregnancy also make caring for the feet difficult. 

What are the risks of having a Foot Treatment?

The major risk with any toe nail work is infection from improperly cleaned toe nail clippers and cuticle tools and foot baths.  At tINKerbelle we sterilise ALL our reusable tools in an autoclave which is what your Dentist uses to sterilise their tools.  A disposable liner is used in the foot bath so that there can be no risk of contamination from one client to the next.  I also use disposable rasps.  

Is a Foot Treatment safe for everyone?

During your consultation we assess your risk by taking into account your medical conditions.  It may be that you are suitable to have some parts of the treatment rather than all of the treatment.  For example if you have a history of blood clots in the lower leg or you have large varicose veins the massage will not be carried out as it may compromise your health or cause pain.  If you have an infected toe nail none of the treatment will be done - I will recommend you see your GP and come back when the infection has cleared.                                                                                                        

How often should I have a Foot Treatment?

As often as you wish but no more frequently than 3 weekly.

Consultation, toe nails are examined for any contraindications, trimmed and filed to remove any sharp edges.

30 minutes


Foot  Treatment

Trim  & File  Only

Consultation, toe nails are examined for any contraindications, trimmed and filed to remove any sharp edges.  Cuticle work is completed. Toe nails are then coated with polish.

40 minutes


Consultation, toe nails are examined for any contraindications, trimmed and filed to remove any sharp edges. Cuticle work is completed. Exfoliant and mask are applied to lower legs and feet and lower legs and feet are massaged. Toe nails are then coated with polish.

60 minutes


Foot  Treatment

Trim, File  & Polish

Foot  Treatment

Full  Foot Works