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Eyebrow tattoo is a form of Cosmetic Tattoo that is sometimes referred to Micropigmentation.  It is also called Permanent  Make Up however as pigments are used rather than tattoo inks the tattooed brows are Semi Permanent lasting approximately between one and two years. 

I am passionate about creating brows that are everything the client wants and more! The brow styles desired by mature and young women are very different. 

I have no stock standard template, I use the clients bone structure and listen to what she wants to create the brow the she desires which is unique to her.  Pigments are colour matched to the clients hair and skin tone.

I choose to use high grade American pigments.

Featherstroke or Feathertouch brows is a very popular style if brow tattoo.  The beauty of this style is that it can be left as it is when you are wearing no or little makeup for a natural look.  When a more made up look is required you have a perfect template for penciling or powdering in the brow for a stronger look. Due to the fine strokes in the brow this style has the shortest lifespan at approximately 1 year.

Powder brows is a style that leaves a very bold brow.  It can be very 2 dimensional and always looks like the brows have been pencilled in.  Great for a lady who never leaves the house without a full makeup look.  

A softer form of the powder brow is the ombre style which is similar to the powder brow in that the brow always looks penciled in. However, the ombre style, due to the variation in shading has more dimension to it.  The tail of the brow and along the bottom line the brow is shaded heavily up to the arch.  At the arch moving forward the shading is lighter being lightest at the front.

Combination brows is a blend of both the featherstroke and the ombre style.  The front of the brow has fine hairstrokes and blends out to the ombre or powder style. Whichever the client desires.  Also in this category is the featherstroke with background shading.  This style is great for the lady with reasonably thick but patchy brows.  The background shading helps blend the natural and tattooed hairstrokes.

Consultations and Patch Tests Available - there is no charge for this service.

A German engineered medical grade tattoo machine is used to craft brows.

My fee covers both of the required 2 appointments which are 4 - 5 weeks apart as well as your aftercare products.

(There are no hidden fees at your 2nd Appointment - the Touch Up Appointment)

1st  Appointment  =  2 hours (approximately)

2nd Appointment  =  1 hour (approximately)

Eyebrow Tattoo Styles Available:

Featherstroke Brow

Very fine "hairs" are drawn to replicate brow hair. This is the most realistic, natural looking style, which can be overlayed with brow product for a heavier brow when required, using the tattoo as a template. 

This is the most popular style as it can be both natural or made up to fit your lifestyle.


    Super Gold Card Holders          & Cancer Survivors

Ombre Brow

A more solid style resembling the modern technique of shadowing dark at the base of the brow to a lighter top of the brow. The shading helps to add more dimension.


     Super Gold Card Holders           & Cancer Survivors                           $425

Powder Brow

This is solid colour throughout resembling a brow filled in with powder or pencil. This style is very 2 dimensional.


    Super Gold Card Holders
         & Cancer Survivors 

Combination Brow

A combination of fine hairs at the front of the brow going to ombre through the centre and tail of the brow.


    Super Gold Card Holders          & Cancer Survivors



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